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Club Development

In this section you’ll find useful information and support to help you with the running of your boccia club. The majority of boccia clubs will always have something they want to be better at or have more of. Be it funding, volunteers or players, clubs are looking at ways they can become more effective, more sustainable and provide more opportunities for more people to play boccia.

Club Development Plan

A Club Development plan is a good way to help you become a more effective and reliable club and potentially getting more people active and involved.

A development plan is a document that lays down your club's vision, aims and the way in which the club will achieve them over a specific period of time. It should be a working document which is easy to read, is clear, concise and simple. A club Development plan will:

  • Encourage a co-ordinated approach to development.
  • Enable better use of your resources.
  • Be a positive means of securing the future of the club.
  • Be the culmination of a process which takes account of the type of club you are, what you offer and what you want to happen in the future.

Where do we start?

Many clubs find starting the development plan the trickiest task. To help you Boccia England have developed a Club Development Plan Template (Link to club development resource section) that you can use and amend to suit your club.

When starting the process it is important to remember:

  • When you are putting together your ideas, think ‘can we do this?’. Make it realistic.
  • The Plan will be more likely to succeed if you include several people in its development from the start. This is the same whatever the size, nature or vision of your club.
  • The success of your plan will be determined by the level of buy in from all members of the club. Ensuring all members’ needs are catered for so they can see how they will benefit is important.
  • Once it has been developed ensure that it is referenced (committee meetings are a good place to start). This will get further buy in from other members of your club and help you keep on track of how well you’re doing.
  • We all know things don’t always happen the way we think they will – you may need to make some changes as you go along.

Developing your plan

Now you understand how putting together a development plan can help your club and what to consider, it is now time to start the planning process.

This is based around three simple questions.

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to be?
  3. How are we going to get there?

Using your plan

It is important that your plan is a working document and is regularly revisited and reviewed. There are, a number of ways you can use your plan to support the club, such as:

  • Supporting evidence for club accreditation.
  • Identifying areas of rapid progress, and areas that require greater assistance.
  • A publicity tool to inform your local community and seek support from funding agencies.
  • To review your progress periodically and help you decide where you want to go next.

Who can help?

Boccia England

We want to encourage clubs to be successful and sustainable and we are happy to offer advice and support through the process. We have numerous resources, templates and information that you can access.

County Sports Partnerships

Your local county sports partnership (CSP) will also be able to offer you support and advice. They will be able to give you information on local support or put you in contact with a club nearby that you could work with or learn from. Your local CSP will also organise a number of workshops that you can access to help you achieve you goals and aims.


Boccia England membership offers many benefits. It’s a great way to be kept up to date throughout year.

Affiliation allows your club and its members to take part in Boccia England competitions, leagues and events. It also places your club on the Boccia England Club Finder.

Find out more about affiliating to Boccia England as a club.


Ensure your club is aware of the Boccia England safeguarding children and young people and safeguarding and protecting adults at risk policies and are abiding by the principles within it them.

Ensure that all members know how to access this policy and all supporting documents and procedures.


Boccia England Club Accreditation recognises good practice in boccia clubs. The accreditation is designed to recognise clubs who have demonstrated a minimum level of operating standards and therefore offer a safe and supportive club environment.

To find out about the benefits and how your club can achieve accreditation, visit the club accreditation page


We know many people playing boccia enjoy doing this through a club and we want to support clubs to be able to cater for more members and for new clubs to be formed in areas where this is needed.

There are various funding programmes which your club, team, organisation or project may be eligible for.

We recommend that you have a look at the funding section of your County Sports Partnership’s website also as they are very likely to show details of some local funding pots.

To find your CSP, go to Sports England's County sports partnerships page and select your county from the drop-down box. Many CSPs provide training and support for clubs/organisations who would like to apply for funding – for more information, see your CSPs website and sign-up to their newsletters.

Securing funding via membership fees and other sources is crucial to the successful running of all boccia clubs. Social events, raffles and local companies looking for sponsorship are great first stop for clubs when searching for funds.