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Boccia England is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for everyone to participate in boccia. We all have a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of boccia players and protect them from poor practice, abuse and bullying.

If you have any specific queries or wish to discuss a concern, please contact Marc Scott the Boccia England Lead Safeguarding officer.

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Best Practice for Clubs

All clubs have a responsibility to their members in terms of safeguarding. This means the effective recruitment of vetted volunteers who are appropriately trained, the designation of a key contact who will take action, should concerns arise and the awareness rising of all members in the club about their responsibilities.

Boccia England’s Safeguarding Policies

Ensure your club is aware of the Boccia England safeguarding children and young people and safeguarding and protecting adults at risk policies and are abiding by the principles within it them. Ensure that all members know how to access this policy and all supporting documents and procedures.

Adopt a Safeguarding Policy

If you have good standards of practice within your club or organisation people are more likely to participate and/or join!

This should suit the type of organisation you are and what you provide. It can be brief - or long - the important point is that everyone is made aware of it and you establish how it will be implemented – and then implement it. It should contain a statement of your commitment to providing a safe place for people to participate in boccia and to prevent abuse.

Key Contact - Club Welfare Officer

The Club Welfare Officer is the person appointed at club level and provides the essential point of contact for welfare within the club. A Club Welfare Officer should be selected for their skills and knowledge, such as being able to handle matters of a safeguarding nature in an appropriate and confidential manner. They should be approachable for any concerns regarding safeguarding to be reported and be appropriately supported by other members of the club.

This person should have a child centred approach, and have completed a 3 hour basic awareness training course (SCUK Safeguarding & Protecting Children). Their name should be clearly visible and communicated around the club (perhaps with a photo) so young people and adult members know who to go to for advice and to report concerns. You may wish to download the club welfare officer poster (link to safeguarding recourse section) there is a space to insert your name, contact information. Please also ensure you give the contact details of your Club Welfare Officer to Boccia England so we can add them to our database.

Recruitment of New Volunteers for Boccia Clubs

Boccia England recommends that clubs adopt some basic procedures which will safeguard all concerned. It is important that all reasonable steps are taken by clubs to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with a club environment.

It is important that standard procedures are used, whether people are paid or unpaid, part time or full time. For all volunteers, coaches and officials working in boccia and associated activities who have contact with children or young people, the following actions demonstrate good practice.

  • Where a role meets the eligibility requirements for a Disclosure check (see Disclosure and Barring Service Guidelines) the appropriate level of check must be completed prior to carrying out the role. It is the responsibility of the employer, deployer or club, to ensure the relevant checks have been completed.
  • At least two references are taken up for a person who is starting a role. They should be able to comment on the person’s previous work with children in a similar capacity or their former involvement in sport.
  • The individual should be observed working with children by a suitably trained person.
  • The job requirement and responsibilities of the individual should be clearly explained along with the club’s and Boccia England’s club safeguarding procedures.

Safeguarding Awareness & Training

Ensure all those who have direct contact with young people in your club have completed basic Safeguarding Awareness training. Sports Coach UK offer Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses regularly and locally. You will find details on these courses by contacting the Boccia England Lead Safeguarding Officer or your local County Sport Partnership.

Good Practice

Ensure you have Codes of Conduct displayed at your club (where applicable) and available for club members to read. This should cover requirements for young people, parents, players and coaches and officials. Agreed Codes of Conduct ensure that everyone knows the standard expected of them in a club and establishes guidelines for behaviour.