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Boccia England Players Advocate

Boccia England recognises the importance of effective communication with players so that their views are properly represented at all levels both individually and collectively.

Dan Bentley was recently appointed as the Players Advocate for Boccia England and he sits on the Board and Sports-Sub Committee to ensure that the individual and collective views of players are represented. This will enable Boccia England staff and the board to have perspective of players to help develop and promote the sport as well as responding to the needs of players where appropriate.

Dan will be available to speak to players at our events to understand any thoughts and ideas that players may have. Any player or coach that wants to raise matters of concern should ideally still raise these matters with the appropriate Boccia England member of staff but, if necessary Dan is available to assist.


If you are unable to catch Dan in person at our events, he can be initially contacted by email

Heathcoat Cup 2016/2017

The Heathcoat Cups second year commenced back in October 2016, the pan-disability competition has provided an entry-level competition across 5 locations in England for nearly 250 players.

60 players qualified for Heathcoat Cup Finals and it was a busy day with 130 matches taking place!


The Heathcoat Cup concluded on Saturday 29th April, with the Heathcoat Cup Finals 2017 taking place at Hertfordshire Sports Village, home of the Hawks Academy.


Thanks to our fantastic group of officials that supported the competition.

(Q=qualification to The BE Cup Finals 2017)


  • Gold - Caroline Robinson (Q)

  • Silver - Gemma Mitchell (Q)

  • Bronze - Zoe Barnes



  • Gold Thomas Ferry (Q)


  • Silver - Alex Elliott (Q)

  • Bronze - Vicky Maggs


  • Gold - Cameron Coxall (Q)


  • Silver - Becky Gibson (Q)
  • Bronze - Lee Croker


  • Gold - Alfie Yates


  • Silver - Mitchell Robinson

  • Bronze - Matt Badman


  • Gold - Andy Batten


  • Silver - David Johns

  • Bronze - Nick Brake


  • Gold - Luke Jones


  • Silver - Vanshi Gunesh

  • Bronze - Jack Conie

The full results can be found on the Heathcoat Cup event page.

Photos from the competition will be available on our Flickr page from Friday 26th May.

Dates for Heathcoat Cup 2017/18 are nearly finalised so keep an eye on the website for more information!

Congratulations to the 2017 Boccia Award Winners

The 2017 Boccia Awards winners have been chosen!

The awards provide a way of recognising and, above all, celebrating the successes of our outstanding athletes, inspirational volunteers, great coaches and high quality clubs across England for their performance or involvement in boccia this season.

Each nomination has been made by the members of Boccia England.

Chris Ratcliffe, Boccia England CEO has this to say about the awards: “Since I joined Boccia England in September 2016 I have been immensely impressed by the level of talent that we have within the boccia community, from dedicated volunteers to players who give it their all every time they take to the court. The Boccia Awards are a fantastic opportunity for Boccia England to showcase this talent as well as recognise and acknowledge those who put so much into our sport, congratulations to all the winners and nominees.”

The panel chose the following winners, who will receive their awards at the BE Cup Final and National League and Super League Finals.

Club of the Year - Paul's Place

Coach of the Year - Felicity Nicholls

Volunteer of the Year - Roy McGee

Athlete of the Year - Reshad Saraj

Team of the Year - Jorvik Boccia Super league Team

Official of the year - Jan Mulligan

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Boccia Award Winners. The awards will be back in 2018 for you to nominate your boccia sporting hero.

Lord's Taverners Boccia Finals 2017 - the winners

The Lord's Taverners Schools' Boccia Finals 2017 was a great success on Wednesday 3rd May at English Institute of Sport -Sheffield


The schools finals bring together winners from 11 regional competitions that take place across England. To see who qualified click here.

The Lord's Taverners Schools' programme also trains up hundreds of young officials throughout the season.


Boccia England select ten youngsters who are invited to the finals to be trained as Level 1 Officials. They then have the opportunity to put their skills into practice at the competition, supported by our experienced officials.



Britney Ashby - winner of Official of the Year 2017

Congratulations to all school teams that played on the day, the full results for the Pan disability competition can be found here and the Physical disability competition here.


The medallists were as follows:

Pan Disability competition

Pan Disability Bronze winners - Trinity School

Pan Disability Silver winners -St Georges Academy

Pan Disability Gold winners - Baskerville School

Physical Disability competition

Physical Disability Bronze winners - Beacon Hill Academy

Physical Disability Silver winners - Angmering 2

Physical Disability Gold winners - Angmering 1

Congratulations to our special award winners too:

Tommy Deeks - winner of the Jean Ratcliff Award 2017

Louis Saunders - winner of PD Player of the Year 2017

Connor Emery - winner of Pan Player of the Year 2017

The Lord's Taverners Schools' Boccia Finals are another competition that rely heavily on the support of our volunteers.


A special thanks to all that were at the finals as well as the county and regional organisers that deliver the schools qualifying competitions around the country.

Club Welfare Officers

Creating an environment where children and adults feel safe to participate in boccia and have the confidence to speak out against abuse or bullying is integral to ensuring safeguarding and protecting children and adults is embedded and adhered to throughout boccia in England.

To help promote and achieve this culture it is essential that all boccia clubs appoint and implement a Club Welfare Officer (CWO)

The following guidance will support your club to full fill this requirement and ensure you are operating to Boccia England's standards.

Recruiting a CWO

The CWO should be a well known in the club and have a strong focus on safeguarding. They need to be accessible and approachable for chidlren and adults and ideally not be the coach or volunteer with direct responsibility for coordinating club activities.

Where to start;

  • Make it known to you club members including parent/carers that you need to appoint a CWO
  • Provide everyone with the CWO role description with further details about the position. Downloadable here.
  • Find out if anyone in your club has any safeguarding expertise that might be willing to take on the role.
  • Have a fair and open recruitment process and ensure the final candidate is suitable for the role.

The CWO does not need to attend every training session or competition but it is critical that everyone understands the role. It is important the CWO is involved in club activities and children, adults, parents and careers are fully aware of how to raise concerns.

How to promote your new CWO;

  • Put a poster up on the club notice board with the CWO's name and contact details. This may include a photograph and a list of times when the CWO will be present at the club. Use the following poster downloadable here.
  • Make sure all club paperwork includes the CWO's details.
  • Ensure the CWO details are included in new member information packs
  • Introduce the CWO at events and club sessions.
  • Allow the CWO to hold an introduction evening.

Training for the CWO

All CWO's need to attend a safeguarding training course. This needs to be completed and refreshed every 3 years. Boccia England requires all CWO's to attend the Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop. For information and to find a course near you click here.

Please use the above guidance within your club to ensure that boccia remains and continues to be a safe and fun sport.

New BISFed Rules

BISFed launched the new rules in January 2017 and an update in March 2017

Boccia England plan to implement the new version of the rules from the start of the 2017/2018 season. Competition dates for the 2017/2018 season will be on the website by 1st July 2017.

The only exception is the 2017 Boccia UK Championships which take place 11th - 13th August. This competition will use the new rules.

Boccia England will be releasing some useful guides on the rule changes for players and officials - watch this space!

The full version of the new rules can be found here

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give Boccia England a call on 0115 9678455.

Safeguarding Update: Codes of Conduct

Codes of conduct in Boccia are there to ensure honesty, fairness and respect is adhered to throughout our sport.


All those involved with boccia have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to ensure that the reputation of the sport is preserved. Everyone involved in boccia is expected to adhere to the principles set out in the Boccia England Codes of Conduct. It is important to note that the Codes of Conduct are expected to be followed by all; whether at a Boccia England organised competition or a locally organised competition; whether part of the National Squad or playing at a local club; and whether or not a member of Boccia England.

A code of conduct can be described as a set of statements that set out what your club considers to be an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct. These codes explain how your club expects its members and their guests to behave. Codes of conduct provide a guide and basis of expectations for a club. They encourage commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outline principles on which a club is based.

Boccia England is responsible for setting the Codes of Conduct for the sport in England. Everyone involved in boccia in this country are expected to adhere to the principles set out in these codes.

To help ensure a quick and easy implementation and adoption of these codes of conduct throughout your club two documents of support are available to download from the Boccia England Website.

  1. Codes of Conducts for Clubs
  2. Club Handbook Template

Each document allows you the provide the relevant groups within your club the correct code and in return receive a signed declaration informing you of their agreement to uphold the codes.

These guidelines aim to help boccia clubs and organisations put in place practical and sensible policies and procedures. Working together we can protect and promote the welfare of all young people and adults in boccia so that they can enjoy the sport free from all forms of abuse and exploitation. Every individual and organisation within boccia has a role and responsibility to safeguard the safety and welfare of young people and adults and to ensure that boccia activities are safe and fun.
It is the responsibility of boccia clubs to ensure that the relevant policies are in place and that they communicated effectively to everyone involved. All boccia clubs and organisations should have a code of conduct policy in place.

If you have any specific queries or wish to discuss a concern, please contact Marc Scott the Boccia England Lead Safeguarding officer.(Telephone: 0115 967 8455 Mobile: 07809 336321 Email:

Jean Ratcliff Outstanding Achievement Award

For all those involved in this year’s Lord’s Taveners Boccia Programme, we are now inviting nominations for the Jean Ratcliff Outstanding Achievement Award.

This award is presented to an individual involved in the programme who has made an exceptional contribution to boccia, going ‘above and beyond’ in any aspect of playing, refereeing or volunteering. They have shown determination and possibly overcome challenging circumstances to achieve personal or global goals.

Nominations can be made by teachers, school staff or county/regional organisers, for individuals they believe meet the criteria.

Nominated individuals do NOT need to have qualified for the National Finals on May 3rd but may be invited to attend if selected. A panel from Boccia England will review the nominations and select the winner.

Last year's winner Reece Dinsdale:


Deadline for nominations: Friday 28th April 2017

Download your nomination form here and return to

Lord's Taverners Schools' Boccia Finals 2017

The Lord's Taverners Schools' Boccia Finals 2017 will take place on Wednesday 3rd May at English Institute of Sport -Sheffield

The schools finals bring together winners from 11 regional competitions that take place across England.

The following schools have qualified for the finals:

Pan disability:

  • Pendle Vale (North West)

  • George Stephenson High School (North East)

  • Joseph Rowntree (Yorkshire)

  • St Georges Academy (East Midlands)

  • Baskerville School (West Midlands)

  • Pakefield High School (East Anglia north)

  • Gretton School (East Anglia south 1)

  • Brent School(London)

  • Durrington High School (South East)

  • Arbour Vale (Central)

  • Truro College (South West)

  • Beacon Hill Academy (East Anglia south 2)

Physical disability:

  • Hebden Green (North West)

  • Durham Trinity School (North East)

  • St Marys College (Yorkshire)

  • Kesteven Girls Grammar School (East Midlands)

  • Beacon School (West Midlands)

  • Ormiston Denes Academy (East Anglia north)

  • Beacon Hill Academy (East Anglia south)

  • Cleeve Park (London)

  • Angmering School (South East 1)

  • Arbour Vale (Central)

  • Woodlands School (South West)

  • Angmering School (South East 2)

The above teams will compete for the title of Pan and Physical Disability Schools Champions 2017.

The Lord's Taverners Schools' programme also trains up hundreds of young officials throughout the season. Boccia England select ten youngsters who are invited to the finals to be trained as Level 1 Officials. They then have the opportunity to put their skills into practice at the competition, supported by our experienced officials.

All schools have been contacted by Boccia England, if you have any queries please contact Rachael Crack-

The competition is free to spectators so please feel free to join us for this fantastic day of boccia!

Boccia volunteer receives Torch Trophy Trust Award

The Torch Trophy Trust is a charity that rewards, recognises and supports volunteers in sport and recreation.

For the 2017 Awards on Tuesday 14th March, nineteen volunteers were recognised by HRH The Earl of Wessex for their commitment to community sport at British Olympic Association.

Each winner was nominated by their sport’s National Governing Body as outstanding role models within clubs, centres and organisations across the UK.

Amongst the winners was dedicated boccia volunteer Anne Cradock.


Anne has been involved in all areas of boccia for over 25 years, and has volunteered in every boccia role imaginable. Anne is an outstanding volunteer in the world of sport and has given up countless hours of her time in a voluntary capacity to enable others in the community to participate in boccia.


Congratulations Anne and thank you for everything you do!


If you are interested in volunteering with us find out more [here].(