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Boccia England launches School to Club Link Project

Funded through BBC Children in Need and the Masonic Charitable foundation the projects ambition across three years is to engage 720 young people from across 144 schools and has an 80% target to transition young people to community boccia clubs. The project will see the creation of a brand new boccia skills award which each young person will complete. This skills award is more focused and aligned to the development of life skills for the young people through the sport than the learning of technical skills in the sport.

It will take each young person through a 10 week award that will see them develop and improve important life skills through the sport of boccia. The award will specifically develop their; Communication - active speaking and listening; Innovation – being able to imagine and generate new ideas; Evaluation – being able to reflect, analyse, evaluate and decide; Resilience – being able to work through challenges; Responsibility – controlling emotions and behaviours. The resource developed would take each of these life skills with an added focus on Employability so supporting young people with SEND to develop key skills that would aid them gain employment and/or transition into further education.

Boccia England’s Marc Scott said, “We get to work with fantastic young people in our sport on a daily basis, and knowing the specific challenges that they faces around access to both education and employment we wanted to take positive steps to make a difference. That’s why our skills award is all about developing the young people themselves, and whilst there will of course be a benefit to the sport through an up-skilled participant base, the content and style of the award is completely oriented to the development and growth of the young people that complete it.”


This programme is structured to ensure that young people are positioned within clubs having commenced the award in their school, ensuring that they get the opportunity to practice their skills in a community setting. This will further build their employability by ensuring that they develop relationships in the wider community context, challenging the young people to set goals, plan, deliver and communicate with a range of peers and others.

If you want to get involved please contact Boccia England via email at