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Club Matters Update

Club Matters is Sport England's one stop shop for sports clubs.
Club Matters provides free, convenient and practical resources to help you develop and run a sustainable club.

Click here to register for Club Matters so you too can benefit from the free resources available.


Deliver a great experience to your members every time

The first impressions of your club could be the difference between someone joining or not. By creating a welcoming environment filled with positive experience, you will not only encourage potential new members to join but you will also maintain your current members’ interest and engagement. Find out more about delivering a great experience by clicking here.

Free promotion available for clubs

The ‘Catch up with clubs’ section of the Club Matters website is full of real-life stories from clubs and our new Club Matters You Tube channel also hosts a range of videos from clubs, CSPs and Club Matters all about how and why to access the resources. Each of these shows real life clubs sharing their experiences of Club Matters and how it has helped them to improve their club – we also have some regular bloggers who share their Club Matters story.

Club Matters are always keen to hear how clubs are using Club Matters and the impact on your development. Any clubs who would be interested in sharing their success stories then do get in touch at and your club could be featuring on the Club Matters website to gain some free promotion.