Boccia England

The BE Cup Finals 2017


The BE Cup Finals took place at EIS-Sheffield on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2017. The top 40 English players battled it out to become champions in BC1,BC2, BC3 and BC4 competitions.


Boccia England would like to thank all the officials and volunteer timekeepers for giving up thier time to make this top class event run smoothly. With special thanks to Dan Headley (Head Referee above middle) and Cassandra Turk (Assist.Head Referee above left).

The full results can be found on The BE Cup Finals 2017 event page

BC1 Competition

Gold - Jabe Peake

Silver - Caroline Robinson

Bronze - Alex Dukes


Full BC1 results view here

BC2 Competition

Gold - Zoe Robinson

Silver - Reshad Saraj

Bronze - Tim Hayes


Full BC2 results view here

BC3 Competition

Gold - Cecilia Turk

Silver - Cameron Coxall

Bronze - Jess Hunter


Full BC3 results view here

BC4 Competition

Gold - Louis Saunders

Silver - Lewis Hammans

Bronze - Harry Thompson


Full BC4 results view here

All the medallists qualify for the 2017 Boccia UK Championships in Liverpool. More details to come!

All the photos from the competition can be found on our Flickr page