Boccia England

2017 UK Boccia Championships

The 2017 UK Boccia Championships takes place at Exhibition Centre Liverpool this weekend! The following English players are taking part:

  • Evie Edwards(BC4)

  • Harry Thompson(BC4)

  • Louis Saunders(BC4)

  • Alex Dukes(BC1)

  • David Smith(BC1)

  • Tia Ruel(BC1)

  • Jabe Peake(BC1)

  • Caroline Robinson(BC1)

  • Reshad Saraj(BC2)

  • Tim Hayes(BC2)

  • Zoe Robinson(BC2)

  • Jess Hunter(BC3)

  • Cecilia Turk(BC3)

  • Cameron Coxall(BC3)

  • Rich Amos(BC3)

Good Luck to all players!

Live schedule and results can be found here

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