Boccia England

Boccia England


We are the National Governing Body (NGB) for boccia in England. We are responsible for all aspects of the sport in this country, from beginner to expert, providing for all levels of participation.

The sport has grown significantly in recent years, with more opportunities to take part in the sport than ever before. We are determined to continue with this trend and we are working hard to offer more opportunities for people to get involved in our sport, whether as a participant, coach, official or volunteer. We are also committed to providing guidance and support structures to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential within the sport.

We are working hard to professionalise and modernise the game in this country and in the past few years we have introduced a new look logo, redesigned our website, improved the event feel and atmosphere at competitions, developed a scoring/timing app that is accessible for everyone and launched regular e-newsletter to keep people up to date. We will continue to innovate and offer a sport that people are excited and proud to be a part of.

Strategic Overview [PDF]


Playing Boccia – Changing Lives
Driven by our belief that through the power and inspiration of boccia, real change can be achieved to people’s lives.


There are five key priorities to help us achieve our major goals and is intended to help us to operate effectively and efficiently as a world class governing body and business. They include:

  • Promote participation in the sport;
  • Empower our athletes to achieve their full potential;
  • Provide a sustainable future for the sport;
  • Support and develop our staff and volunteers;
  • Develop and govern the sport.


Inclusive, ambitious, professional, excellent, honest, respectful and fair.

Equality and Diversity Statement from our Board Chair

Boccia England is committed to ensuring that the sport of boccia is accessible to all and that there are no barriers to participation across the organisation, from players and volunteers to staff and Board members. In our strategy to increase involvement, we will continue to focus on making boccia available to individuals and groups who are currently not fully involved in our sport. See our full diversity plan.

A key aim of the Boccia England Board is to achieve greater diversity on our Board including but not limited to gender, age, BAME and disability. As part of this, we maintain a target of having a minimum of 30% of each gender on the Board, are committed to progressing towards achieving gender parity, continuing to have a variety of ages and increasing our disabled and BAME representation.

As the National Governing Body for a disability sport we recognise diversity and we value everyone’s individual differences. We strive to maintain and continuously improve our working practices to benefit all those who participate in our sport. Anyone who has the desire to be involved in the sport of boccia should be encouraged to take up the opportunity and coached and nurtured to reach their potential.