Boccia England

Corporate Support

Corporate social responsibility programmes are increasingly using sponsorship as a vehicle to engage with sport in such a manner that it can make a huge difference to disabled people to take up sport and be active.

At Boccia England, we are committed to working with all kinds of organisations for mutual benefit. We can offer a number of different ways of working together for your organisation to meet your corporate social responsibility goals.

A partnership with Boccia England strengthens you reputation as a responsible organisation and will have a positive impact on how they are seen by your customers.

Other benefits:

  • Strengthen your brand and makes you competitive by being different
  • Improve relationships with employees and customers
  • Opportunities to generate positive press coverage
  • Enhance staff job satisfaction
  • Improve your employee skills and involvement

How can you help us:

  • Fundraising
  • Charity of the year nomination
  • Benefits in kind
  • Volunteering at events
  • Club support

There are many ways of working together. Please contact us as were are keen discussing how you can partner with Boccia England.