Boccia England

Trusts and Grants

Trusts and grant giving bodies are valuable partners enabling us to do our work. Whether restricted to specific programmes or given for core costs, all contributions are used providing a sustainable benefit in developing boccia as a sport and providing opportunities for the players, by delivery of programmes for disabled people being active in our sport.

Boccia England relies on trusts and grants to deliver many of our successful programmes.

We want you to partner with us and we will provide you not only with the appropriate recognition for that, but also provide opportunities to promote your trust in any way we can. Through careful listening and constructive dialogue we hope to be able to have the opportunity to develop a proposal that focuses on the real needs of Boccia England and a sport that means so much for so many people.

If you would like to support us in our work to build boccia, please contact us and we are happy to discuss on how we can work together. We aim to build an open and straightforward relationship with the organisations that support us and appreciate not only the financial help but also full engagement whenever this is possible.