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The England Talent Pathway is aimed at finding a future Paralympic medallist as well as helping players achieve their fullest potential.

Discovery & Development

  1. Area Assessment
  2. Regional Assessment
  3. Talent Squad: Year 1
  4. Talent Squad: Year 2
Talent Assessment Days
We travel the country scouting and skill testing in the lookout for new talent.
Talent Squad
The top picks out of Regional Assessments and competition are invited to join the Talent Squad. The Talent Squad is a two year programme designed to hone the skills of players set a new standard of play as the foundation for every squad member.


  1. Lions Squad
  2. England Squad
Lions Squad
The Lions Squad is made up of up and coming players who have proven their metal through competition. The Lions meet at least four times per season and have a curriculum of home training between camps. Lions also on occasion are called up to represent England at friendly international competitions.
England Squad
Meeting at least six times per year with a home training throughout the year the England Squad are the pinnacle of the sport within England. The camps have high level coaching delivered by dedicated coaches who are all focused on moving players up with GB. England players compete at friendly competitions around the world.

World Class

  1. GB Squad
GB Squad
The GB Boccia Squad is our world class squad. GB enter ranking competitions all around the world in the hunt Paralympic success

If you think you have what it takes, get involved, email:


This is a Boccia England programme being run in conjunction with TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) and GB Boccia starting in September 2015. Selected athletes will access their closest TAC (Talented Athlete Centre) to work with TASS staff to complete individualised training programs designed to accelerate their development. Players entering the programme will be monitored closely by Boccia England.

There are two sections to the Unlock project:

Section 1
Provide a range of athlete services including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and lifestyle.
Section 2
Research and create disability specific training protocols for boccia athletes. Over time, these will be applied to the whole of the BC1-4 boccia community through clubs and schools.

England Squad

The England Squad is made up of the top performing boccia players in England. There are training camps throughout the year where athletes are coached by some of the best coaches in the country.

The squad has an international presence too, attending friendly internationals all over Europe. This allows players to get a taste of international competition and an opportunity to challenge the best players in from the continent.